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CarboPro Hydra C5 1lb Bag
CarboPro Hydra C5 1lb Bag
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CarboPro Hydra C5 1lb Bag: Power, Strength, and Endurance for Any Sport, Any Time

  • 5 Different Carbs Fire Through 5 Metabolic Pathways
  • CARBO-PRO Premium Fuel Absorbed Quickly
  • DEXTROSE Instant Energy, Metabolic Intermediate
  • EVAPORATED CANE JUICE Immediate Energy
  • TREHALOSE Rehydrator, Antioxidant
  • D-RIBOSE Recovery, Enhance ATP levels
Specs & Information
  • Patented, Proven, lnnnovative Ingredients
  • SUSTAMINE™ (Rehydrate, Replenish, Recover)
  • BETAPOWER™ (Improves Strength, Power and Muscle Endurance)
  • CARNOSYN® (Greater Working Capacity, Delayed Fatigue, Enhanced Endurance)
  • PepForm BCAAs® (Triggers muscle synthesis through the mTOR Pathway and Helps Recovery) PepForm Glutamine® (Recovery, Energy, Immune Function, Gastrointestinal Function)
  • ALBION® (Buffered Chelates of CALCIUM, MAGNESIUM, POTASSIUM and SODIUM (Salt) as ELECTROLYTES (Safe, Effective, Stable and Easily Digested and Absorbed)
  • SUNPHENON CF-T® Green Tea Leaves Extract (Caffeine and Catechin Polyphenols Stimulate Alertness and Promote Fat Oxidation and Thermogenesis)
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  • HOW TO USE: Mix 1to 2 scoops I servings of HYDRA C5 in 12 to 16 oz. of water, mix well, and drink it BEFORE, DURING or AFTER any exercise activity to increase power, strength and endurance and enhance recovery.
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  • Add 1or 2 scoops of HYDRA CS to 1or 2 scoops of CARBO-PRO to increase calories as needed. Or add HYDRA CS to any sports drink to enhance its power.

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