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CarboRocket Hydration Electrolyte Drink
CarboRocket Hydration Electrolyte Drink
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CarboRocket Hydration Electrolyte Drink: All natural, all performance. CarboRocket gives your body fast paced hydration to train longer and race farther. Hydrate with the essentials your body needs before and during exercise. Specifically formulated to be stomach friendly, will not cause GI distress.

You don't always need hundreds of calories to get you through a workout or race and sometimes you just want real food. Get your hydration and elelctrolytes from CarboRocket. It mixes instantly and tastes so light and refreshing you can drink it all day.Benefits:

  • Tastes Great - Lightly flavored, not too sweet
  • More sodium - The 1st hydration drink on the market to use 300+ mg of sodium per serving
  • 2:1 ratio of Maltodextrin to Fructose - Research proven to let you digest 50% more carbs
  • Mixes instantly - Even in cold water! Easiest mixing drink available
  • Full spectrum of electrolytes - Sodium, magnesium, potassium and calcium
  • All Natural - Vegan - Gluten free
  • The only drink that still goes down smooth after 12 hours of racing
  • Caffeine - PineappleMango contains 35mg caffeine per serving
Specs & Information
  • Usage: 1-scoop (108 cal) per 16-24 oz of water. Aim for consuming 16-28 oz per hour of exercise or race.

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