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Neogenis Laboratories BeetElite NeoShot Canister
Neogenis Laboratories BeetElite NeoShot Canister
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Neogenis Laboratories BeetElite NeoShot Canister: WHY BEETS?From as far back as ancient Rome and Greece, beets have been faithfully cultivated for their incomparable ability to support general health, performance, and longevity. Lately, beets have become newsworthy because they were found to be a rich natural source of dietary nitrate. The human body reduces nitrate to nitrite for the generation of nitric oxide (N-O), the miracle molecule that sends crucial signals throughout the body for controlling optimal health. N-O is responsible for dilation of blood vessels, thus increasing blood circulation and oxygen delivery to cells.  This benefit results in improved maximum oxygen uptake (VO2Max) and oxygen efficiency, which determine an athletes capacity for sustained exercise and endurance. NATURAL NITRATE SHOTBeetElite is a superior natural source of dietary nitrate and nitrite that helps the body significantly increase physical endurance. It is more nutritious and efficient than drinking large bottles of beet juice. There is twice the N-O power in our 10g. Crystal Shot as a full bottle of regular beet juice as confirmed by HPLC and ozone-based chemiluminescence.  OUR BEETS ARE SIMPLY SUPERIOROur specially grown, organic beets have tested higher in nitrate/nitrite content and in conjunction with our patented technology are able to produce higher N-O activity for the athlete. How do we know? Because our on-staff, N-O science team has access to the type of sophisticated equipment necessary to test N-O activity from the source-the beet itself. Our beet is a better beet for a better product. Our organic beets are grown and handled to our specifications and GMP certified to create their superiority. They must also meet precise specifications for nutritional value and nitrate content. OUR TECHNOLOGY IS EXCLUSIVE AND PATENTED12 years of dedicated N-O research led to the remarkable, patented technology that greatly improves the efficiency and speed of nitrate conversion to bioactive N-O.  Additionally, through HPLC and ozone-Based Chemiluminesence testing, a natural flavor component was discovered that also contributes to the formula for the rapid delivery of N-O to the body. THE BEST BEET PRODUCT Using patented technology and the finest organic beets available, BeetElite helps the body deliver the highest level of N-O potential.  This enables you, the athlete, to perform at your personal elite best. Our comprehensive  testing ensures that no other product generates the N-O value of BeetElite.
Specs & Information
  • Most Powerful the Nitric Oxide content of 6 Beets in 1 shot
  • Fastest delivers nitric oxide 3X faster, with added natural nitrite
  • Concentrated so you consume less before your workout
  • Pure all natural and vegan, with only 4 ingredients and no preservatives
  • Tastes Great natural sweeteners for premium flavor.

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