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International Sales/Ordering

All international orders are processed through Paypal. We do not accept direct credit card payments for international orders! Through Paypal you can use Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover or your existing Paypal account. If you do use a credit card for the initial order? We will void the transaction and send a PayPal request for the total amount.

Minimum international shipping charge is $28.00 USD. Keep this in mind if you are ordering inexpensive items. Bulky items are very expensive to ship even if they are light. Assume at least $150 for wheelsets (oversized) Up to $250 for framesets (oversized 2). Very heavy items such as workstands & toolkits are not able to ship International.

We will charge you the exact amount charged by our shipping services. So you may receive a follow-up email from us requesting the balance for any additional shipping charges to complete the transaction.

To pay for your international order. Select "PayPal" for your payment method. This will send you to the PayPal processing center. If you already have a PayPal account you can pay for your order with your account, or use your credit card on their site.

Once we receive confirmation from PayPal that payment has been made, we will finalize the processing of your order.

Please confirm your address on your order confirmation. If corrections need to be made to your shipping address please contact us before the orders ships. You are responsible for informing us of the correct shipping address information.

Email any questions regarding your order to: [email protected]
or call us at: 1-760-317-5450

Thank you for your patronage!
The team at Bike Bling