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For over three decades, FOX has held a position as the industry leader in the design and development of high performance shock absorbers and racing suspension products. Founder Bob Fox started racing his products in motocross in 1974, marking a new point in history for suspension performance. Early on, Fox raced prototypes of his air-sprung shock on a 500cc Maico motocross bike. As a mechanical engineer, he was fascinated by the idea of using an improved air-spring shock design to prevent bottoming out and simplify the process of adjusting spring rates.

Fox Racing produced rear shocks for mountain bikes early on, but didn’t make bike forks until 2001. They waited until sufficient resources and talents were lined up to introduce an innovative, best-in-category product to market. Mountain bikes are the only vehicles that Fox designs for that are human-powered. This has a huge impact on their approach to suspension design, with “lightweight” driving the process. Resulting shock and fork designs have various lockout features and inertia valves, all with an eye on weight. Engineers work with athletes year round, collecting data from performance testing and applying company knowledge to make ongoing improvements in suspension.

Fox redefines ride dynamics and suspension performance. Redefine your limits with Fox.

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