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You know that one person in your life who knew what they wanted to be since the beginning of time? Their whole life, they maintained a singular focus until they become world class. Meet that person–as a bike company. Niner Bikes is the only company in the world to make only 29er bikes. These impeccably designed bikes lend control and stability in rough terrain by keeping wheels on top of oncoming obstacles. The resulting ride is above the terrain, not in it. These same big wheels make fast riders unstoppable. The line features multiple models in aluminum, carbon or steel, guaranteed to suit unlimited riding styles.

We like Niner because people who ride their bikes speak with cult-like passion. “Transformative.” “Life-altering.” Our favorites include the Niner Rip series (Trail) and Niner Jet series (Full Suspension XC), but we love ‘em all. We also appreciate that the company’s based in Fort Collins, CO–a town as avid about bikes as you can get.

Being "single-minded" has to everything to do with the power of focus. The 29” bike isn’t just a token in the Niner line-up – it’s their heart and soul on the trail. If it’s yours, welcome to perfection.

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