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Sidi Cycling Shoes

With the heart of a bike racer and the hands of a trained shoemaker, Dino Signori changed the world of cycling forever when he opened a workshop in his native Italy in 1960. Naming the company after the two first letters of his first and last name, he initially focused on mountaineering and ski boots. In 1973, he made a permanent mark that forever changed the face of cycling footwear by launching his newly invented adjustable position cleat. The 1979 collection featured the first nylon-soled shoes, effectively marking the start of the modern age of cycling footwear.

We admire the artisan quality of this line, a perfect combination of beauty, function, form and performance that could only come from Italy. The company has a genuine track record of ongoing product innovation as well as winning athletes who sport their style. More UCI wins, world championships and classics are won in SIDI cycling shoes than any other brand. When you put rider fit and performance first, the results speak for themselves.

SIDI has driven a culture of footwear innovation for more than 50 years, helping every athlete perform to their fullest potential.

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