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Fox Racing

An international company headquartered in Irvine, CA, Fox Racing is the most recognized and best-selling line of motocross apparel in the world. Geoff Fox was introduced to motocross in 1965, and passionately followed European motocross and manufacturers. He moved to SoCal to teach Physics at University of Santa Clara. Through new SoCal connections, Fox opened a small but ambitious distributorship for European motocross parts and accessories. He called it Moto-X Fox.

In the mid-seventies, the company began manufacturing high-performance suspension and engine components at the request of riders seeking greater on-track advantage. To validate their quality, Team Moto-X Fox skidded onto the scene in spring 1977 and began dominating the finish line. At the AMA 125cc National Championship series, racers wore handmade outfits in bright red, orange and yellow. A huge hit with other riders and fans, Fox realized the demand potential and quickly reorganized the business to become a major supplier of high-quality motocross gear.

We like the close rider relationship this company has cultivated from its start. The list of sponsored riders reads like a Hall of Fame and rider involvement has ensured the company’s stayed on track in developing products that provide maximum protection, performance and freedom of movement.

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