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Imagine a bike industry without Ti – the element sign for magical Titanium. Since its discovery in 1791, it had only been used in making paper, paint and rubber. Lightspeed’s 1986 launch of the first titanium bike was a mind-bender for the industry, since no one thought bikes could be made from this material. Since that introduction, this company continues to push the boundaries of manufacturing possibilities with consistent refinement and testing. They developed a useful Proprietary Forming technology that literally changed the landscape of high performance cycling with the greatest stiffness to weight ratio around. We’ve noticed that they continue to set the standards that other companies try and match.

Though often associated with titanium, Litespeed also makes carbon frames with an innovate manufacturing process that delivers a bike with higher performance, improved strength, superior impact resistance and stiffness with no weight penalty.

An early innovator with humble roots, LIghtspeed has evolved into a global lifestyle race brand, and leader in titanium and composite technology.