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Based near St. Etienne, France, Mavic is a premium supplier of wheels, component, helmets, footwear and accessories for racing and recreational cycling. Founded by Charles Idoux and Lucien Chanel, the company is a sponsor long-associated with the Tour de France. Since the 1970’s, the company has additionally provided technical services out of their iconic yellow cars to racers in need of a new wheel or bike.

Best known for their wheels, Mavic was the first to introduce tubeless technology using a spoke nipple system that mounts on the inside of the rim rather than from the tire side. This means less rim material and a little more sidewall weight, allowing for lower inflation pressure and eliminating the threat of “pinch flats.” Introduced with the Ksyrium wheel set, Mavic calls this proprietary approach "fore" technology.

The company employs innovative production technical in metals and alloys. So much so that Salomon contracts to Mavic to produce edges for its skis and snowboards—talk about cutting edge. We like that the Mavic website prominently features their engineers’ prowess with article examining everything from nuances of the correct way to measure aerodynamic performance to granular details about tire material selection and construction. Were you curious about the actual apparent “yaw angle” for the entire Kona triathlon bike course? Yeah, water cooler talk at JPL has nothing on this company.

With four sites in Europe dedicated to the technological advancement of bike manufacturing, Mavic is the company to call for the absolute best.

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