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Rules are for breaking. Before Oakley, the concept of sports-specific sunglasses didn’t exist. From the start, Oakley has challenged conventional thinking.

Back in 1985, Greg LeMond débuted Oakley’s Eyeshade® at the Tour de France and the first milestone in sporting sunglasses was crossed. Other pros like Scott Tinley and Mark Allen also demanded the performance and protection offered by Eyeshades. Countless others have followed, making Oakley the choice of champions.

Decades of innovation have yielded more than 600 patents worldwide and a product line that delivers performance treatments and tints for every condition. The unique, three-point fit and sculpted shape is instantly recognizable. Oakley was founded on the principle that sunglasses are inventions wrapped in art. We appreciate that this founding belief still defines them as the innovator in cycling optics and protection. The brand is the mark of excellence for those who will not compromise on performance.

Oakley…driven to perfection.

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