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Dedicated to the cycling experience, Orbea makes distinctive Triathlon, Road and Mountain bikes – some of the fastest for racing in the world. This brand from Spain delivers down-to-earth, distinctive styling that is often seen first across the finish line at the Tour de France and grueling races around the world. As you take a closer look, you notice that some of the aesthetics spec’ed in the bike’s design have practical elements, making racers revel in the bike’s power and functionality.

Orbea began manufacturing bikes in 1937, and has design and manufacturing roots to the sport of cycling that go back nearly a century. Though rooted in tradition, Orbea is dedicated to technology and quality that support the competitive spirit in road, mountain and triathlon cycling. This is among the highest-end lines of bikes on the market, but few manufacturers offer such exceptional value for the money.

Whether you’re a dedicated team rider on the weekends or competing internationally, this is a superbly capable line of bikes that is functional and stylish.

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