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Pinarello is a family-run company with a philosophy of continuous idea and material innovation that push the limits of cycling. The family traditions of excellence have remained grounded and unchanged in the passions for this sport for over 60 years.

A competitive cyclist, Giovanni Pinarello came in last in the 34th Giro d’Italia and followed race tradition by donning the Maglia Nera (Black Jersey). Due to a last minute rider switch, plans to complete in 1952 were dashed. His disappointment was tempered with a team payout, which he used to pursue his dream of building handmade bikes in a Treviso workshop. Working diligently year by year, generation by generation, Pinarello slowly became the famous brand of champions, as it’s known today.

World class design and product innovation result in a revolutionary product line. Dogma -Aggressive 'state of the art' race bikes. ROKH -Born to dominate the Grandfondo. Paris -Relaxed angles for criterium racing and all-day-comfort riding.

The list of athletes who ride Pinarello is long and prestigious. From humble beginnings to podium placement, Pinarello’ s commitment to the craft makes every rider a champion.

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