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Quintana Roo

The world of triathletes would not be the same without the Quintana Roo brand. Named for founder Dan Empfield’s favorite place in Mexico, Dan created the first triathlon-specific wetsuit in 1987 and with this, the company’s founding. In 1989, he released the first “modern” tri-specific bike, designing it from the handlebars – back. The bike’s design featured a steep seat-tube angle with a sport-specific, geometrically designed seat and notable steep seat-tube angle. This allowed triathletes to take full advantage of the Scott DH aerobars hitting the scene at that time. We like the legacy of this brand in the field of triathlete sports and believe the products offer great value for the money.

Working in a wind tunnel, day after day, Quintana Roo’s design team developed the most current line-up, featuring an incredibly low drag coefficient, while keeping style and function in mind. Quintana Roo is not only the inventor the triathlon-specific bike and wetsuit, they have completely reinvented the way athlete and machine morph as one in the race to the finish.