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Santa Cruz Bicycles

It all began in 1993, in a space the size of a single car garage. A new sensibility and approach to building the highest performing mountain bike in the world. Wet, dry, steep, gnarly…sometimes the trail conditions are so bad, just getting down them is a test of survival. Santa Cruz produces a line of “simply advanced” bikes that stand up to anything. The line-up, made from either aluminum or carbon fiber, includes everything from hardtails to 10” travel downhill machines. Suspension options range from the simple efficiency of a single pivot design to the progressive performance found in their proprietary VPP system. There are numerous component and suspension options to choose from, as well as a women’s specific line.

We love this progressive company that is committed to sharing their passion through great demo tours and an open invitation for riders to demo their current lineup right off the factory floor in the Santa Cruz HQ.

Santa Cruz Bikes delivers on their commitment and passion to build the perfect mountain bike.